Property Tax Exemption Applications for 2021 Now Available

  • March 2, 2022
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In response to COVID-19, the Cook County Assessor’s Office will continue the automatic renewal of the Senior Freeze, Veterans with Disabilities, and Persons with Disabilities Exemptions. The Homeowner and Senior Exemptions will continue to auto-renew every year.

If a homeowner received any of these five exemptions last year (tax year 2020), they do not need to reapply this year (tax year 2021, payable in 2022).

To verify which exemptions were received last year, homeowners can visit the Cook County Property Tax Portal at enter their address or PIN and look under the Exemptions heading towards the bottom of the page.

For a complete list of exemptions and criteria, and to apply for missing exemptions or newly eligible exemptions you can visit Be sure to note what supporting documents are required for exemption type and have these available to upload.

If you believe that you were entitled to exemptions for previous years which you did not receive, you have the opportunity to redeem the missing exemptions for up to the previous three years (2018, 2019 and 2020).

If you need assistance applying for exemptions or have any other questions please call 847-724-8300 or email Assessor Nally at or Deputy Assessor DeBock at and we will be happy to help.