Second Installment Cook County Property Tax Bills Delayed

  • July 5, 2022
1024 683 Gayle Curcio

Northfield Township Assessor Alida E. Nally, CIAO, wants to inform residents that Cook County second installment property tax bills will be delayed. The projected timeline for these bills to be mailed and paid is late Fall 2022. Property taxes in Cook County are collected one year in arrears. Tax bills are mailed in installments twice a year.

First installment 2021 tax bills were mailed late January and were due March 1, 2022. The first installment tax amount is 55% of the previous year’s total taxes. Second installment tax bills are normally mailed by the first of July and due on the first business day of August. Delays in the issuance of property tax bills are being attributed to the implementation of a new integrated property tax management system in Cook County.

It is important to note that the delay in 2021 second installment tax bills means homeowners (or their escrow) will have to be prepared to pay this 2021 property tax bill late Fall 2022 and be prepared shortly after to pay their first installment 2022 bills in March 2023. Before the treasurer’s office can print and mail the second installment bills, the state, county and local agencies must issue data of assessment appeals, the state equalization factor, exemptions and the local tax rates.

Those wanting further information can visit for property tax information. Residents with specific concerns or questions should contact the Northfield Township Assessor’s Office at: 847-724-8300 or