Dial-a-Ride is an income-based subsidized taxi service program that provides discount coupons to Northfield Township senior citizens (age 65 and older) and residents with permanent disabilities (age 18 and over).

Applicants need to provide:

  • Completed Dial-a-Ride application
  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of disability (if applicable)

Applications are available online, at the Northfield Township office, by calling 847-724-8300 or email admin@twp.northfield.il.us.

Qualified residents will receive:

  • An ID card
  • A pack of 16 discounted taxicab coupons
  • Contact information for taxicab companies that participate in the Dial-a-Ride program.

If you have any questions or need an application sent by mail, please contact Sherri Morris at 847-724-8300 ext. 226.