Cook County Wheel Tax


    The current 2019-2020 Cook County wheel tax license year has been extended until August 30, 2020.  The new wheel tax license year will begin September 1, 2020.  For more information please visit 


    Revised Wheel Tax

    Covid 19_VehicleLicense Postcard

    Section 74-552 of the Cook County Wheel Tax Ordiance states that it is unlawful for any vehicle owner residing or registered within the unincoporated area of Cook County to own, possess, use, or to cause or permit any of his agents, employees, lessess or bailees to use any motor vehicle upon the unincorporated area of Cook County without remitting payment for the annual wheel tax liability.  The Cook County wheel tax is valid for the period of July 1st through June 30th of the following year.

    The Cook County wheel tax payment can be online, via mail or in-person at the Cook County Department of Revenue Office or at over 100 ESL currency exchange locations.

    Payments for the Cook County wheel tax will NO LONGER be accepted at Township offices.

    For more information about the Cook County wheel tax program please visit the Cook County Department of Revenue‘s website.